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Hi yall!!!

Wanted to introduce myself before diving straight into creating a wonderful blog full of PHENOMENAL photo sessions! I decided to start this blog because I get obsessed with my sessions and I need you to see more than one or two photos! I have a problem. I'm okay with it.

Well, my name is Sarah Faison and I have a full time job as a leasing agent for an apartment complex. Photography has been my passion for many moons! At the time I lived in Virginia Beach and I started taking photos when I was 15 or 16 years old with one of those cheap cameras your parents get you for Christmas (see photo below for a good laugh)!

It was really my friend's camera and I'd borrow it to photograph her. I would make her dress up in homecoming dresses, Halloween outfits, fake blood, angel wings and go play on train tracks (sorry not sorry Hailey and Ashley). From there I was gifted a camera from my lovely parents for my birthday? I cant remember the occasion but I absolutely LOVED it! It was this really cool sony camera that swiveled the lens up and down...pretty neat.

From there I joined a website called Model Mayhem and I hit that site hard looking for anyone who wanted to shoot with me. My very first shoot, my aunt had to drive me to the ocean front to meet this girl Lindsey. That was one of the best experiences because it wasn't one of my friends that I was forcing into random outfits and playing with in the backyard of our house. I met sooooo many great people on that site, I got better and joined meet and greets. It was a paradise for me, you could shoot all the models there, you just go up and ask if they wanted to take photos! It was pretty neat!

I mostly photographed models until one of my models asked me to do her wedding. This was my very first wedding and it freaked me out, but I did it! I started actually getting booked for weddings and then family sessions, parties, you name it!

I learned so much from fellow photographers, teaching me techniques, editing styles. I never went to college for photography, except that one class for film. I no longer work with a point and shoot, don't worry!

I am a single mother to the most perfect little girl that ever existed! Charlotte is named after one of my favorite t.v. shows, Pushing Daisies.

A few things I love and random facts about me.

1. Dogs- all the dogs! My best friend is my family dog Kacey, she's an Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix!

2. Binge watching netflix shows just finished The Office for the 30th time.

3. Mexican which has to go with margaritas. Duh!

4. A really good abandoned house or an over grown field gives me the freak outs!

5. Ice cream. I can be on a diet but I wont give up ice cream for nothing!!!

6. Tumblr addict.

7. I LOVE TO LAUGH! I really connect well with my clients because I will talk to you like we have known each other forever. If we joke around you're literally my favorite for life.

8. Pajama pants, I have made my best friend promise to keep me from buying anymore pajama pants. It wont work, I'm already purchasing more as I type this.

9. Which brings me to clothes. I am addicted to shopping online for clothes from Torrid and if you're close to my size, I'll probably let you borrow something for a shoot.

10. Dyed hair, my hair changes often and if I could have unnatural hair color at my job I would in a heartbeat, best believe.

Thank you for listening to my mess of a blog post about myself.

-Sarah Faison

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